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Former war correspondent Dominic Elliston has led a charmed life, until now. A mysterious and unusual invitation will change not just his life, but the very course of humanity. In a race against time, Dominic will travel to the corners of the globe to stop the clock ticking on the ultimate weapon and confront his own sense of morality.

Book one in the Earth Ghost series, The Jagged Edge fuses action, technology and the might of Mother Nature in a heart-stopping thrill ride. The stakes are high, the odds long and the line between right and wrong never more blurred.

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"Action packed and very suspenseful, scary stuff for the current times we are in!" - BookSirens

Thought provoking, fast paced, and almost impossible to put down." - Goodreads

Raw, revealing and packed with action and a deep message." - BookBub


"Challenges such a charged topic with intelligence and vision" - Goodreads

"Enough twists and turns to keep you hooked until the end." - BookSirens 

Riveting! Kept me on the edge and was hard to take breaks from this story." - Goodreads

"The Jagged Edge is a thriller
I won't easily forget." – Daily Dose of Books


The stories that shape our culture need to become more intimate with the forces that shape our environment.

When it comes to climate change information, 

70% of the content is scientific, 20% is political and 10% is social. Yet 100% of it is divisive, analytical and is (or claims to be) purely fact based.


Now more than ever, we need stories that all sides of the discussion can relate to, while still creating positive friction. 

I'm what you might call a lazy activist. While so many scientists, environmentalists and policymakers have stood up to address climate change, I sat down – for a really long time – to write stories that reframe the science with the help of some good old fashion thriller (non)sensibilities.

In the near future, our environment will likely be teetering, our lives dominated by the singular digital industrial complex. We will consume more than ever and environmentalists will become increasingly desperate.


And, when things are desperate, we all love a hero. Because the hero absolves us of responsibility. The one does the work for the many


Unfortunately, one person can't make a difference to climate change, it's going to take the largest mobilisation in human history. But what if one person could force us to mobilise? 


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